Short Story: Green-Eyed Lady

Emily stared outside her window and into the cold night where the moon shines brightly casting an eerie shadows and mysterious illusions on the forest besides her house. Every night Emily was awed and entranced by the changes and differences a sun an a moon can make on Mother Nature. To her the forest is her lullaby every night before she slept. She didn’t have a mother that would love her and read her bed time stories. She was not sad though. She is just an eight year old girl who is still innocent and not tainted by life. Tonight, the forest is particularly dark except for the highlighted leaves representing millions of tiny stars to little Emily’s imagination. Emily was about to finally dazed off but before she close her lids, she thought she saw a silhouette of a person behind a tree bark staring up her window. Tiredness consume her and she was sucked into an endless void of many possibilities. She woke up after what felt like a few seconds she closed her eyes. Emily was confused as all she can see is an insanely blinding darkness. Her back felt like she was lying on a wet hard floor. She grope around trying to find something or anything but all she felt was wet, powdery yet muddy dirt. Emily was starting to get panicky as she lay there waiting for something to happen. A single lone tear ran down her cheeks until she heard a screeching croak of a crow that pierced her ear drums and apparently the veil of darkness as she opened her eyes to a very familiar place. The woods beside her house. She brushed off the dirt on her white sleeping gown and pulled off some wet leaves and twigs that had gotten stuck in her curly brown hair. At first she felt calm because she is familiar with this forest, but then the more she assessed the forest, the more she felt hostility and danger permeating the air. Like the forest is trying to tell her that she didn’t belong here. She shouldn’t be here. Sweat flows down her forehead as her heart pumps faster. Emily knew she had to get out of here. But she couldn’t get her bearing and she really didn’t know which way to go. Suddenly an owl came flying and sits on branch right in front of her. The owl’s huge eyes glow and the it seems to be looking straight ahead. Emily turn to the direction the owl is looking and saw a small faint dirt road. Something in her told her to follow the owl that is now flying ahead of her. And So she did. She walked pretty fast, listening to any sudden noises and trying to be very alert of her surroundings. The forest seems to be getting darker with each wet mushing sounds that her little bare feet makes with each desperate steps. Soon she came across a small river with thousands of sharp jagged stones lacing the river. Right across was a small old looking cottage. Emily couldn’t see a thing but then she saw the owl from earlier came soaring through the dark sky and landed on a dead tree besides the cottage. Again the owl seems to be telling her to go into the house. She thought that she could maybe ask for help. To go there she had to walk through the river with sharp stones. Emily braved her self and dipped both of her legs slowly into the freezing water and tried to walk slowly as to not cut her bare feet that is now sore from walking to long. She prayed that there is no dangerous predators in the water swimming around her legs although at one point she swear she felt something moving and brushed against her legs. Lucky for her, the river is not to wide to cross. Emily made it safely to the other side. She walk slowly following the cobblestone path that led to the cottage, trying to be stealthy. When she reach the front wooden door, the owl fly away. She felt confident that this is where she was suppose to go. Softly she knocked on the door with her little hand. She realize that her skin is so white to the point where she looked like a ghost. She was so scared. At the second knock, the door opened with a loud and scary screech. The light burned her eyes. She braced herself and suddenly a huge tower of darkness lean over her. She fell flat on her back. Her hand scarped by the sharp edges of the stone pathway. “My,my. We got a visitor,” a voice so soft yet firm and cold said. The female voice sounds like a million bells ringing all at once and echoes throughout the forest. The hairs on Emily’s arm raised and yet she felt so safe. The woman stepped outside and reached out for Emily’s hand. Emily looked up to the woman and saw that she is very beautiful with her red shiny and lustrous loose curls cascading down her chest. Her skin is porcelain white with a healthy glow to it. Even in the dark Emily can see her beauty.



Emily took the woman’s helping hand and stand up while staring at the woman’s bright green eyes innocently. “My name is Eleanoria. What’s yours little child?,” she asked smiling softly. Eleanoria never seemed to look away from Emily’s face. Emily stared right back into The woman’s eyes intently. As the woman’s eyes slowly dilated like a cats eye, Emily was slowly hypnotized. “My name is Emily Waffs”, she said in a monotone voice. “Emily, why are you here?” “I don’t know”, she said, her voice small. “Is anybody looking for you?”, Elanoria’s voice seems to grow more louder and suspicious. Emily suddenly starts to feel scared and she could almost sense danger in that question. But Eleanoria’s gazing eyes seems to hypnotized her even more. She felt like her consciousness is having a silent battle with the woman’s liquid green hypnotizing eyes. “No. Nobody.” Eleanoria grinned showing off her pearly white teeth and grab Emily’s arm firmly in a soft manner and pulled her into the cottage. Walking inside, without Elanoria’s eyes hypnotizing her, Emily’s reality dawned on her that she’d walked straight into a lions den. On the walls, hundreds if not thousands of small porcelain dolls hang on the walls with strings and barbed wires meticulously tied to them. On the other side, a huge wooden table with so many metal tools on it is situated in front of rows upon rows of shelf with glass jars filled with weird organs that Emily didn’t know. When she finally recognizes the huge jar filled with eye balls did she finally starts writhing and trying to free her arms. But Eleanoria’s iron gripped seems to grow tighter the more Emily fight. Elanoria laugh like a manic person hysterically, scaring Emily even more. Emily tried to kick the woman but fail only to make the witch angry. Elanoria swung Emily by the arms like a rag doll in the air when she finally throws the little girl on the working table and against the metal tools. Emily gasped and screech at the pain she endured. Her arms felt dislocated. She tried to ran away but couldn’t find any exit except to get past the green eyed lady . Eleanoria laughed and grinned maliciously seeing the pain in Emily’s eyes. “Now, now. Don’t fight. We don’t want to ruin your beautiful skin. You are going to be one of my greatest collection. But first, I need your beating heart,” at that Elanoria moved as fast as a lightning from the door to the table . All Emily could see was a swish of a green light coming to her , that is the woman’s eye. In a split second, Emily was knocked down and was unconscious. After what felt like an eternity Emily finally wakes up but all she can see is darkness. She felt so small and lost. She’s back to square one. She felt hollow and empty with pained all over, cold to the bone and numb. Emily couldn’t describe the pain that she’s feeling only that she is standing in nothing. She tried to find something in the dark, walking aimlessly with her hands reaching out for anything. When she was about to give up, she saw two large light source in the shape of an inverted oval in front of her. She ran towards it and soon finds out that both light was a mirror. A solid mirror that she can touch and look out through. She stands on her tip toes and tried to see outside. She’s trapped that’s for sure. In what she didn’t know. Looking outside, she saw a large mirror. The mirror reflected a little doll that looks so sad . Emily recognizes that face. Her face. She’s a doll. She instantly back off from the window that is her eyes and cried and screams for her father. “Ah, you’re awake. Do you like what I did to you? I thought so,” Eleanoria’s voice echoes in the doll head and around Emily. Glowing green eyes peered through the dolls eyes and lighten up the area of darkness around Emily. Emily saw the shadows of moaning and screaming child that has been killed crawled towards the light and toward her. Their eyes looked dead and tired. Emily was so very scared. She shut her eyes and prayed that this is all a dream. Only… It was not.


9 thoughts on “Short Story: Green-Eyed Lady

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  3. This is really interesting, You’re an overly skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and sit up for in quest of more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

    • Thank you for the compliment but I am still new to blogging and this is just one of my practice and experiments. Hahaha hopefully in the future I will be able to bring out some more “great” contents! Also, thanks for sharing this website on your social networks, it really means a lot . Please continue to support this blog~ 🙂

  4. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and all. However think of if you added some great pictures or video clips to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and clips, this website could certainly be one of the greatest in its field. Excellent blog!

    • Thank you for the positive feedback and ideas. I really appreciate it! Certainly, I have thought of adding in some pictures and also video clips. Especially a video clip as I am really interested in bringing my short stories into an animation, but right now I am still learning to do it. Perhaps and hopefully in the future I can include some video clips! As for now I will continue writing and learning how to create a short animation that portrays my stories. Thank you again for the ideas~ 🙂 Have a nice day!

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